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A Letter to My Future Self

A Letter to My Future Self

Before you read this letter, I want you to know that my every-Tuesday blog posts will now be every-other-Tuesday emails.

I'm posting less on the blog because I'm gearing up to finish (and start, really) writing my 4th book this year. Hooray! And I needed to free up some space to make that happen.

This book is so important to me. Thank you for understanding.

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Now, the newness of another year and another passion inspired me to write a letter to my future self. About all the things I hope for that person: healing, fulfillment, and self-companionship.

I think it's a wonderful way to start a new year, don't you think?

It was an enlightening practice for me because it shed light on what matters most right now. It helped me get clear on my desires and the bigger picture of what I want for my life.

Once you can see that larger picture, you can start to explore all the habits, resources, rituals, skills, and people that will bring you closer to everything you hope for your future self.

It is a blessing on your future self. It’s also an intention, a pledge to meet that person at least halfway, instead of waiting for your life to change on its own.

May this practice and this letter inspire your relationship with your future -- whether it's the end of 2022 you're looking at, or beyond.

The newness of another year and another passion inspired me to write a letter to my future self. About all the things I hope for that person: healing, fulfillment, self-companionship. It's an enlightening practice because it sheds light on what matters most this year and right now. May this letter be what you needed to read today.

A Letter to My Future Self 

I hope you found what you’ve been looking for, on the inside if not in every way.

I hope you know what happiness means to you. I hope you have known the purest love as a flowing give and take, a living, breathing thing.

I hope you can look back on all this time and sigh, and say, “But my heart is not weary, it’s light and it’s free.” (Bob Dylan said that.)

I hope you found courage where you thought you had none. Hope, too – that things can be different, even better than you thought you deserved.

I hope you know that you belong here, and that you treat everyone else like they belong here, too.

I hope you can look inside your heart and face your past, your mistakes, your losses and everything that’s brought you to your knees, and stand taller than ever.

I hope you’ve felt the kindness of a stranger. I hope you’ve smiled in a room all by yourself. I hope you’ve learned another thing or two about the power of forgiveness.

I hope you found strength in movement, peace in your own company, and purpose encircling your most conscious decisions.

I hope you know by now that you’re enough and more, no matter what you did or didn’t achieve. I hope you’ve come to know yourself as a friend, once and for always.

I hope you can see more clearly than I all the ways a person can live with integrity. I hope you elect your own kind of success, one that's inclusive of your wholeness and rooted in joy.

As you’re reading this, I wonder: Who do you care for? What are you proud of? What love have you done?

How is your heart?

Do you still believe in the place where joy grows like wildflowers?

What warmth have you been surprised to feel? What beauty have you been glad to find?

Beyond everything, I hope you know just how important you are. How the thought of you glad is like sunlight to me. Until we come together, it's you who has kept me going when I felt like letting go.

Thank you.

You belong in the light, too.

. . .

Tell me:

What do you want to tell your future self? What do you hope for that person?

What intention are you ready to set for yourself now to help you stay focused on what matters most to you? 

Tell me in the comments. Everything you share here means more than you know.

With warmth & friendship,


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  • Jan 16, 2022


    Have a wonderful New Year. Thank you for everything.

    — Jim

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