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Sleep Rituals: 100 Practices for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep


Stop taking stress to bed with you. And don't waste precious hours scouring the internet for answers. Sleep Rituals brings all the inspiration to you in one practical, but still magical book. You’ll get simple, delightful ways to unwind, unplug, and let go of whatever keeps you up at night.

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Whether you’ve tried EV-ER-Y-THING or you already get good sleep, this book will inspire you to love coming home to a night that’s all about you.

Not a novel or a checklist, but rather: find what you need in the moment. Dip in and out at any chapter that’s calling your name. Use it like a menu, and medicine, for your soul.

Chapters include:

  1. Home blessings and sacred ceremonies
  2. Essential oil recipes for the home and body
  3. Food and drink recipes made with sleep in mind
  4. Restorative yoga poses and breathing exercises
  5. Dreamy meditations and visualizations
  6. Special prayers and writing practices

Deeply spiritual or down to earth  that’s your call. Whatever you’re looking for, Sleep Rituals delivers wisdom and warmth so you can get the rest you deserve.

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A Gold Mine of Sleep Practices

As a life long insomniac, I am so excited about this book. It is set up beautifully with practices for making your room conducive for sleep, foods that help us relax, breathing exercise, meditations, visualizations and so much more. I am already sleeping better, and I plan to slowly make my way through the practices and use all of the ones that resonate with me. This book is deeply compassionate and wise - truly a blessing in my life.

inspiration and encouragement

ennifer has a special gift with using words as a form of inspiration and encouragement. Her way is gentle, exploratory and truthful all at once.


This new book? Perfection. So beautiful! Love the chapters, such a wonderful layout

I highly recommend this book

This beautiful book offers a variety of relaxing rituals, such as meditation, breathing exercises, yoga poses and herbal remedies to help you prepare for a good nights sleep. I highly recommend this book if you have any sleep problems or just need to unwind from a long day.

I really look forward to bedtime now

I just loved everything about this book!! It's not only a beautiful hardcover but I absolutely love the rituals and practices described in the book! And there are so many!! I have started to put into practice some of the rituals mentioned in the book and I am finding that I really look forward to bedtime now! As I am getting older, falling asleep has become challenging for me. This book has made me realize that I need to honor the "whole process" of sleep...and this process doesn't begin when I lay my head down on my pillow...but sometimes it can begin as early as soon after dinner depending on the ritual I choose for that evening :) Wonderful wonderful author! Wonderful wonderful book!