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Words make a difference. And so do you.

Healing Brave is my passion project, something I throw all my spare change at. I believe the right words in a time of crisis can make a world of difference for someone.

If you want to chip in and support the cause, I’d be so grateful!

100% of donations go toward the upkeep of my website and emails, so everyone who needs it -- including the people who can’t afford anything other than free right now -- can be warmed.

Give any amount that feels right in your heart. Every dollar counts.

You keep me going. THANK YOU.

How your donation helps:

Spread hope:

Your donation helps me bring comfort and hope to people desperately looking for it. The vast majority of my work is free and available to everyone with an internet connection.

On top of that, I'd like to give away more of my art prints to people who'd love them but can't afford them, just because :)

Promote awareness:

There are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding mental health, trauma and grief. Through my work I hold a space for people to hurt and heal, ask questions, seek guidance, and be their own champions. No stigma or strings attached.

Rebuild lives:

I encourage people to show up for their experience, to feel their feelings, to share what hurts and ask for help. It’s the only way we can rebuild, together.

Save lives:

I don’t just struggle with suicide loss; I struggle with depression myself. And I write about it. Your donation is a pledge to those hurting: You are cared for. You are brave. Things can be different. Stay for the miracle.

Want to help, but can’t donate?

Donating $$$ isn’t the only way to help. Here are some others:

If you’d rather buy something from my shop, I’d love that, obviously!

Search the blog and share a post with someone who could use more light today. In an email, on social media, or print it out and put a stamp on it. Who doesn’t love getting something nice in the mail? It could mean everything to them.

Write your own letter to tell someone how thankful you are for them. What they’ve done to make your life better. Why they’re important. How strong they are. Or, call them. Visit them. For no other reason than love.

Take care of yourself.

With you,