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The Healing Brave Manifesto

Want to feel like you're amazing *because* of what you're living through?

Download this free resource and I'll tell you why you are. Even here, after everything... especially here.

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    Honored to write for you. ~ Jen


    Here’s what other amazing humans have said about my emails:

    “I have signed up for countless newsletters over the years but there are only two that I read every single time I get them and one of them is yours.” — Michelle

    “Your posts and emails are a Sanctuary for me.” — Roger

    “Most days I'm in crippling emotional pain. I feel lost, hopeless and lonely… And on those days, if I can, I come here, to these emails that you send.” — Njeri

    “Your weekly newsletters are so inspiring and uplifting. I save them in a folder, then access when I have time with my large sketchpad to journal and collage on your posts. Thank you for reaching many of us who together, try to see the light and joy in our sometimes messy lives.” — Mary

    “Your weekly emails put light in my life, they always speak to me, just when I need them.” — Mysti

    “You have no idea how much I look forward to coming into work and seeing an email with something nice not just the same old.” — Lucy

    “I've been receiving your emails for some time now and they always help steer my day, especially on the harder mornings.” — Cathy

    “Thank you for inspiring me with every email.” — Pam