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Affirmation Prints

Affirmation Prints

Make your home reflect your intentions with ready-to-frame prints of affirmations handwritten by me. Imperfect and shabby by nature- the way life really is. These look great adorning your walls, desk, and sacred spaces.

Healing Brave Products by Jennifer Williamson - Handwritten Poetry Prints, Word Art Prints, Self Help Books

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Shop and feel good about it. I believe in making things with heart, things that last a lifetime and impact your life for the better. Thoughtful, helpful, a joy to give and receive. The way it should be.
Self Help Books by Jennifer Williamson - Sleep Affirmations, Morning Affirmations, Sleep Rituals


Need more light, sleep, things to look forward to? My books are soul soothing and make gifting so much easier. For a signed copy, get a bookplate! Nothing beats a good old-fashioned love note.
Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Release stress and feel better with high-quality audio meditations for healing, relaxation, sleep, and inner peace. Featuring my words and the soothing voice of recording artist Joanne D'Amico.
Handwritten Poetry Prints by Jennifer Williamson - Healing Brave

Poetry Prints

Bring hope to life, and to your home with ready-to-frame prints of poems handwritten by me. A little shabby- like real life, like your healing. A whole lotta heart. Perfect if “perfect” isn’t your thing.
Handwritten Word Art Prints by Jennifer Williamson - Healing Brave

Word Art Prints

Fall in love with your home, and your existence with ready-to-frame prints of words that remind you to breathe. Handwritten and shabby by nature. (im)Perfect for a gallery wall, gifting, and everyday living.