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When will I get my order?
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That depends on what you ordered, but I ship all orders USPS 1st class and they should arrive in 3-8 business days domestic, 2-3 weeks international. No-rush shipping is better for the environment and important to me. Check out my Shipping & Returns Policy for all the details.

Can I write a guest post for you?
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I’m grateful that you want to contribute, but I don’t accept guest posts and I generally don’t respond to inquiries. Because I mention, here, that I don’t accept them. :)

Can I share your work?
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I'd love that, but it depends!

In a nutshell...

To use my words/images on the internet, you must give visible credit (to Jennifer Williamson) with a link back (to or @healingbrave). Please don't crop, modify, scan, or reproduce my artwork without permission (it's illegal). Thank you!

You can:

- Print the material on this website for personal use with proper credit. Example: for school, work, or community presentations.

- Use my words in your artwork or crafts as long as you aren’t selling them and you give proper credit to me, the author, and their source.

Please don’t:

- Use my artwork to promote something else, or on anything you’ll be charging money for without explicit permission from me.

- Share or repurpose more than 500 words from one of my books.

If you share something, *email or tag me* so I can check it out!

Can you review or include a link to my article/product?
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My readers put a great deal of trust in what I recommend and I generally don’t accept unsolicited material. I don’t alter published blog posts or swap links.

If you have a resource you still think would benefit my readers, you’re welcome to send it to me. But please refrain from sending follow-up emails. If I don’t respond the first time, it means we're not a good fit. No hard feelings!

Can I send you a gift?
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While I’m grateful for your generosity, I can't accept physical gifts or products. I'd rather you buy something from my shop and then gift that to someone else. :)

How can I help?
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Wow. Thank you for asking! Here’s what you can do:

Buy something I made.

Review any product I make that you purchased and loved.

- If you're reviewing a book, you can do that here or on GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & Noble, or anywhere else you picked it up.

Download my Healing Brave manifesto (it's free!) and share it with a friend.

- Comment on a blog post and/or share it with someone/on social media.

- Be a nice human.

And so you know: every time you purchase something from my shop, you support small business, earth-friendly efforts, and that person who (a) needs love, but (b) can't afford to buy anything right now, but (c) will get love via the work I do for free. Thanks for caring.