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"Peace Begins with Me," a Short Meditation to Get You Through This

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"Peace Begins with Me," a Short Meditation to Get You Through This

“Peace begins with me.” It's a way of living. Try this short mantra meditation next time you feel stuck in a situation that's anything but peaceful. When you want to take what you've been giving and give back differently. It'll help you press the Reset button so you can live the way *you* want to, no matter what's happening.

Peace Begins With Me, a Short Meditation

In this meditation, you’ll combine the mantra “peace begins with me” with hand gestures: pressing your thumb to each finger. It's so simple, it works. And you can be nearly anywhere, doing nearly anything, as you do this.

1. Take some deep breaths, as many as you need to or just a few.

2. As you say each word, you'll place your thumb against one finger at a time:

When you touch your index finger, say: PEACE.

When you touch your middle finger, say: BEGINS.

When you touch your ring finger, say: WITH.

When you touch your pinky finger, say: ME.

3. Repeat three or more times, as fast or slow as you want to.

. . .

Tell me:

    When could you use this meditation the most?

    Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

    With love,


    P.S. Need to stop taking stress to bed with you? Get my book Sleep Rituals for 100 at-home practices like this one, and way more. It's so much more than a book about sleep. It'll help you feel better, breathe better, live the way *you* want to, no matter what. 

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