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An Open Letter to Inspiration: I Respect the Mystery

An Open Letter to Inspiration: I Respect the Mystery

How to respect the mystery without demanding that it explain itself? If you do, it sort of feels like magic. Here’s a letter I wrote to Inspiration (the energy, the entity) to help you sink into the sweetness of allowing, enjoying the unfolding of a beginning before any concrete ideas show up.

I don't know what change is in the air, exactly, and that’s exactly what this letter is about: respecting the mystery. All I know is that this change is big or, rather, deep.

Inspiration isn't always about clarity. Clarity comes with patience and time, but what about the beginning phases of wanting to change? What about before the ideas take flight? What about accepting guidance without forcing the answers?

Beginnings don't always begin with clarity. Sometimes, they begin with a delicious feeling of beginning and nothing more—and nothing less.

(Guess what? The BIG change I was feeling had to do with you. Start here: get my free Healing Brave Manifesto to inspire how you carry on.)

If you’re feeling a change being sparked but you’re not yet sure what it entails, feel free to use my letter as inspiration to craft your own.

Work with enthusiasm. Bask in the moment with reverence. Trust the direction. Feel your intimate connection with Inspiration, like you would with a kindred soul.

My Open Letter to Inspiration: I Am Willing to Respect the Mystery

Dear Inspiration,

It’s me. I’m here and I am not going to leave, so please take your time. I am in this for the long haul. I am okay with practicing patience while you unravel any answers.

I’m devoted; you know.

I just love being in your presence, in your energy and promise of renewal, feeling the sweet anticipation of whatever is on its way.

“Open, soul.” This is what I feel you saying. I hear you. I am listening. I am opening, allowing, seeing.

I see the birds floating between trees. I see the shapes that the clouds are making. I smell the blossoms. I feel the gentlest winds hinting at a rain shower. I am not even judging the sounds of humans traveling through.

Ah, so this is the bliss of real companionship.

I trust you, dear friend. I trust that you will greet me with what you need to show when my whole soul is ready. For now, now.

Thank you for illuminating the peace of the present moment, for coloring the world with possibility, for planting the seed of change in my heart of hearts.

I accept your wonder.



. . .

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