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A Healing Affirmation for a New Chapter of Life

A Healing Affirmation for a New Chapter of Life

Since turning 30 this month, I've decided a few things, one of which is that this next chapter of life is for me and my growth, my joy, my love of being alive. If you’re ready to wade a little deeper into the life that you’re craving, this affirmation might meet you perfectly: where you are.

I close this chapter of wounds and ends and

Take what is loving with me into 

New beginnings.

A New Chapter of Life: My Affirmation

As I wade in the waters of a new chapter of life, I have become willing to take all of my fears out to sea with me: no more tucking them away like I’m the only one who fears something; no hiding behind the closed doors of who I know I can be; no more pretending that anyone else is better or worse than me.

I am ready to appreciate myself in all the moments of my past—cherish the mundane memories, savor the loving times, learn from the heartache and then set everything free. What’s mine to keep is right here with me.

Every phase, every season, every reason I’ve ever had is part of my past and it is my choice whether I want it to last. I will let myself move into the next chapter, taking what’s loving along with me. If it’s not loving and I still want to take it, then so let it be.

I am not my limit: I am my freedom.

Waking up to your worthiness, without needing any reason to have done so, feels very much like freedom.

I have opened my clenched fists today and I am coming to enjoy the feeling of letting my life breathe. I am not intent on holding my breath and holding every dark thought inside: I want to exhale. I want to share.

I want to let the air play around me and trust in its ability to bring me everything I need.

I wade a little further into the unknown and—wow—I feel a current I never would have properly known. I let it meet my soul. Self-discovery is what I will call this, a next chapter of my soul.

I can remain satisfied and calm in the stillness. I can learn to remain satisfied and calm in the flow, whichever way it decides to go. I have survived at least two impossible things before, so why would I not trust in the power that carries me forward?

Gratitude and enthusiasm are not mutually exclusive; both at the same time is a powerful force.

I rejoice in how far I have come; dismissing it has never secured the place to which I run. In this next chapter of life, I live in the breath; I feel my heart beat; I answer to my soul.

And so I have come to the conclusion that this will be a very good rest of my life, whichever way the wind blows—no matter, even, the heartache I come to know. I am alive, and alive I will be.

. . .

Tell me: 

Which part of this affirmation did you need to read today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

Honor the life in which you wade, the air you breathe, the life you are. You're here, for now: what a miracle.

With love,


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