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12 Calming Affirmations When You Feel Tense, Angry or Anxious

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12 Calming Affirmations When You Feel Tense, Angry or Anxious

Anything can happen in one day. You can feel better in one day; you can gain clarity in one day. Try this sequence of calming affirmations to help you turn frustration (anger, anxiety, fed-up-ness) into positive momentum. You don’t need to fake being positive, either: you need to work with the energy you already have before you go anywhere else. Start here. Anything can happen in one day, sometimes less.

Let’s be clear: empowering affirmations are not strictly about being positive. They’re tools for transformation, which means using the energy you already have and working with it to create more fulfilling experiences.

Mindful affirmations are about infusing your meaningful presence and power into your words and decisions.

The goal isn't false positivity, but hopefulness.

Mindful affirmations aren't for faking positivity: they're for regaining control over how you experience your experiences.

The following sequence is composed of short, simple calming affirmations. They’re meant to be recited from 1-12, as many times in a row and during the day as you need. Use them when you feel any kind of frustrated: angry, fed up, sick and tired, stuck, anxious, envious, just plain unhappy.

Breathe deeply between each affirmation.

Speak what makes you feel powerful (but not destructive): the kind of power that motivates you to do things differently, to change your status quo, to build, to see just how much can be different in one day.

12 Calming Affirmations When You Need a Little More Help

1. “Feeling stuck is a feeling, not a fact.” — from these 15 affirmations for stress-relief

2. “I can transform anything negative into something helpful.”

3. “I am ready to release whatever is meant to go.”

4. “I am ready to reclaim my power to change.”

“Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.” — Eleanor Brownn

5. “I am learning what supports my highest self.”

6. “There is always a solution of the highest good.”

7. “I can use everything as a catalyst for something better.”

8. “I’m allowed to breathe a little bit deeper into this.”

It takes courage to face frustration with a deep breath and a mind willing to change.

9. “I am more than my thoughts. I am more than my emotions.”

10. “Thoughts are passing clouds and I am the sky. Emotions are falling leaves and I am the earth.”

11. “I am in control of how I choose to approach and respond.”

12. “Everything is fuel for growth and connection. I am an alchemist, after all.”

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these affirmations do you need the most today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

You’re an alchemist, after all.

With love,


P.S. Tell yourself the things you need to hear. Get my book Morning Affirmations for hope and possibility first thing in the morning. Get my book Sleep Affirmations to fall asleep knowing you're exactly where you need to be.

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