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7 Sanskrit Mantras for Meditation and Gratitude

7 Sanskrit Mantras for Meditation and Gratitude

Repeat these Sanskrit mantras for more peace inside and out. Use them in your meditations or whenever you need them.

You don’t need to be grateful for why or how you hurt, but you can learn to be grateful for the paths you choose to walk down now.

Sanskrit & Mantras

Mantras are words or sounds with deep meaning.

Sanskrit is an ancient, sacred language of Hinduism and is often used in Buddhist hymns and chants. Dubbed as the perfect language by some linguists, Sanskrit lies at the heart of many mantras used for meditation.

In Sanskrit, mantra means a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, or a syllable, word, or group of words believed to have psychological and spiritual power.

Repeat these Sanskrit mantras, out loud or silently to yourself in your meditation or whenever you need them.

(Please note that my pronunciations are listed out to the best of my ability. I hope they help.)

Repeat these Sanskrit mantras for more peace inside and out. Use them in your meditation or whenever you need them. You don’t need to be grateful for why or how you hurt, but you can learn to be grateful for the paths you choose to walk down now.

7 Meaningful Sanskrit Mantras to Inspire Gratitude

1. Dhanya Vad: I feel gratitude.

{dahn-yah vahd}

When I'm grateful, I find grace. By looking for the blessings in my life, I open up a space of light in every experience; I open up the path for grace to flow. I make room in the middle of everything for gratitude.

When you feel stressed, practice breathing into your blessings until you're so full of gratitude that there's no room for anything else.

2. Ananda Hum: I am bliss.

{ah-nahn-dah hum}

When I gladden my heart, I awaken the energy of gratitude. This energy uplifts and expands me. By opening my heart, I can feel gratitude deeply. Gratitude shifts the moment by shifting me. Nothing around me changes; I change.

True gratitude comes from knowing that you belong in the infinite dance of life.

3. Kritajna Hum: I am gratitude.

{krit-ah-nah hum}

My true self is always grateful. I am connected with everything else in the universe. I am like an ocean -- the deeper I go within, the more I connect with the stillness of my true self.

Gratitude is the beacon that guides me to that place where meaning, truth, and love exists.

Gratitude connects you to the joy that's hidden in plain view, patiently waiting to be seen.

4. Samprati Hum: The present moment is my true self.

{sahm-prah-tee hum}

I don't need more to be complete; I am whole right now. I don't need this moment to be anything other than what it is; it is enough right now. I can trust myself by looking within for what I seek.

By being here, and being grateful now, I feel truly alive in the present moment. I can appreciate the joy of simply being here.

If something feels missing in your life, it might be YOU. Your presence is your power.

5. Prani Dhana: My individuality expands to universality.

{prah-nee dah-nah}

Grace dissolves the resistance and obstacles in my life.

I practice gratitude so I can remove the blocks to joy. This practice expands my perspective because I realize I am not an island. I'm reminded to step back, to gently think again, and to take a fresh look at the situation I’m struggling with.

6. Namaste: I recognize my true essence in every soul I meet.


Gratitude flows in a loving relationship, and it expands that relationship. When I forgive petty differences, I am receiving the love that I am giving. When I thank or appreciate another, I experience the same biochemical changes and healing effects as the person I’m thanking.

Rather than try to change anything about a person, I'm grateful for who they are, as they are. I accept and dissolve the differences that separate us.

What unites us is more important and more real than what divides us.

7. Karuna Hum: I am compassion.

{kah-roo-nah hum}

When I have no judgment, I see everyone with kindness. I choose compassion over judgment, and by doing this, I become a conduit for peace, understanding, and happiness. I don't condemn. I do love.

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these Sanskrit mantras do you need in your life right now?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!

With love,


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  • Oct 24, 2021

    I love love love this “ Rather than try to change anything about a person, I’m grateful for who they are, as they are. I accept and dissolve the differences that separate us.”
    It gave a whole new meaning to Namaste, which I used to perceive it as a greeting.

    — CC

  • May 07, 2021

    Adessh Adseh !!!
    i am very clear theses are not Mantra dear thes are just words fro GREETINGs, which are used to acknowledge the supreme in every soul, also to nature and devine energy.
    like i said ADESH, its a greeting by Nath yogis of Sanatana Padhati, its means (atam parmatama and body reside in one, and i bow)…still thanks for sharing.
    Prof and YogiVinod Nath (Yogi Ram k 18)

    — Vinod Nath

  • Dec 17, 2020

    Jerilyn, thank you! I’m glad these mantras and sentiments could inspire and support you right now, whatever your life looks like. I hope you love Sleep Affirmations whenever you do get it! A lot of love went into the book. May you feel it, and may it give you exactly what you need. <3

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Dec 13, 2020

    Fantastic day! I took a lot of time to read your post. I actually studied it, and took notes (retired school teacher, can’t help myself). I learned just what I was looking for! Thank you!
    And, there are two I can use most right now, they are: “I am Grateful” and “The Present Moment is My True Self”.
    I also spotted your book on “Sleep Affirmations” and I can’t waite to get it! I’ve had sleep issues all my life, that therapist have not been able to help
    me with. From what I’ve learned from you today, I’m thinking this may be the path for me.
    Namaste -

    — Jerilyn DeJonge

  • Dec 09, 2020

    Kritajna Hum: I am gratitude. This seems to be the best of all 7 mantras.

    I am grateful to you and God for being able to get this message today


  • Nov 23, 2020

    Thank you for your clear and simple interpretations. I was feeling my heart full of gratitude and wondered what the Sanskrit was for that feeling.

    — Lynda

  • Oct 01, 2020

    This is so beautiful the way you put em together and expalined. Dhanyawaad🤗🙏

    — Ram Tiwari

  • Oct 01, 2020


    — Praveen Rajan

  • Aug 02, 2020

    I’d also like to add
    Namaste 🙏

    — Cristina

  • Jul 06, 2020

    I Ama blessed
    How is it I’m Sanskrit

    — Alan

  • May 18, 2020

    Thank you. These are beautiful

    — Robin

  • Apr 14, 2020


    — Jani

  • Mar 15, 2020

    Kritajna Hum

    — sajith puliyashery

  • Feb 04, 2020

    Angela, I listed out the pronunciations to the best of my ability, under each mantra. Hope this helps!

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Feb 04, 2020

    These are great. Namaste spoke to me. I wonder if you could include pronunciation for the sayings? It’s hard to know just from how they are written. I know the sounds are as important as the meanings. Thanks.

    — Angela

  • Dec 01, 2019

    RoxAnnA, you’re very welcome. Thank you for being here <3

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Dec 01, 2019

    Beautiful. Thank You with a heart of Gratitude.

    Kritajna Hum

    — RoxAnnA

  • Nov 05, 2019

    I chose two words for my gratitude prayer. Namaste and Kritajna hum. I hope it works out for me. Highly thankful and grateful.

    — Madhavan

  • Oct 29, 2019

    Joan, how beautiful. Your heart knew before your head <3 :)

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Oct 29, 2019

    This morning my mantra was Samprati Hum
    At the time I didn’t remember it’s meaning,
    the phrase just came to mind as I sit with my coffee and attempt my morning meditation
    After it was over I looked up the translation-
    And that’s exactly what I needed today! I am enough

    — Joan

  • Sep 16, 2019

    Fiona, I’m so glad and grateful that these words can help you <3

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Sep 16, 2019

    Thank you I have put them in my journal I need them all and will come back to them

    — Fiona Rosalind Bowles

  • Aug 06, 2019

    Sanjay, I’m glad you found this helpful!

    Nova, I’m so grateful you’re here :)

    Mme40a, I hope this mantra brings joy into your life <3


    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Aug 06, 2019

    I need Ananda Hum et i’m grateful I find it on your website.

    — Mme40a

  • Jul 17, 2019

    It’s a great kind DIVINE sacred HONOR to find you today and I enjoyed and APPRECIATED these gently FLOWING lovely radiant altruistic BENEVOLENT sage simply BEAUTIFUL mantras a lot and wish you a warm GLORIOUS serene NATURAL SOFT day with lots of connecting ENLIGHTENED charitable HUMANE sweetness and care and AHIMSA to SHARE and LOVE and LIGHT your WORLD and ours and dearest FAITH and HUMILITY and TENDERNESS and HEALTH very cordially yours I DO HOPE SPLENDIDLY too always.

    — Nova Spear

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