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The Power of Forgiveness to Make Your Whole Life Better, Lighter

The Power of Forgiveness to Make Your Whole Life Better, Lighter

Forgiveness gives many things, like freedom from having to drag around the weight of what everyone else does. It's a process. The longer you hold a grudge, the longer it takes (usually) for a grudge to stop holding you. But there’s hope still, even after everything. That's the power of forgiveness: newness.

“The most important lesson on the road to spiritual maturity is how to truly forgive. No one likes to be held in their history, especially people trying to make themselves better.” – Lisa Prosen

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Forgiveness Releases You from Their Energetic Grip

When you forgive, you’re giving the gift of mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom... to yourself.

Not forgiving holds you back from experiencing the full range of your emotions, because the energy you'd otherwise devote to living your own experience fully is being used up on pain.

Forgiveness and trust are separate issues, too. You don’t need to trust someone to forgive them, and you don’t need to invite someone over for tea either.

You forgive to free others because it means YOU are freed.

Forgiveness is the decision to devote more energy to loving your own life, right now, than to feeding the negative energy of the initial insult. This is a beginning.

Forgiveness Frees You from the Past

The power of forgiveness continues long after you've decided to forgive. It's not an event, but an evolution. It transforms your perception of the past and prepares new energy for tomorrow, and it does this all in the present moment. Which happens to be where your point of power is.

This is the time you take back your power. This is the place where you can make a difference.

Try this:

  1. Be willing to forgive yourself for “being naive,” “letting this happen,” or not wanting to forgive.
  2. Take inventory of the situation as it happened and unfolded. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this and how can I grow because of this?”
  3. Be *willing* to forgive the person/situation. There’s a shift in energy when you go from “No way am I ever forgiving” to “I don’t know how, but I’m willing to forgive.” That’s the shift that makes all the difference.

Forgiveness is how you channel old pain for new growth.

The Real Power of Forgiveness: It Breathes Life Into Your Life

Forgiveness is accepting that what happened has happened, and that your power doesn't lie in changing the past but in empowering the present.

Hope lets you see that forgiveness is a stepping stone toward the life you do want, the life that only you can decide on.

What if everyone was doing the best they can through their level of consciousness? What if everything that wasn't an act of love, was a call for it?

Once you call on that goodness, the goodness of someone's very soul (not their personality), you start to feel release: that’s forgiveness.

. . .

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