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How My High Performance Coach Can Change Your Life (For Real)

How My High Performance Coach Can Change Your Life (For Real)

How amazing would it be to finally finish that thing you’ve been working on (or been thinking about starting) for, what feels like, ever? To speak your mind and do what lights you up without worrying about what everyone thinks?

Pretty freaking amazing, right?

That’s why you’ve got to know about the other Jen in my life: my high performance coach! I mean it when I say she can help you change your career, health, relationships, life — for the better. I should know.

Are you exactly where you want to be in your work? In your relationships? Confident about where you’re going and the impact you’re making?

If you felt in control of your life, health, career, and future, who might you be?

I’ll tell you who:

The person you dream of being.

Hiring a high performance coach might not be something you’ve ever thought about (or heard of) before — until last year, I hadn’t. But let me tell you something: it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!

I’m a better friend, a published author, and a more clear and confident version of myself than I was last year for two reasons: 1) my high performance coach and 2) I was sick and tired of how things were going.

A high performance coach helps you achieve heightened and sustained success with what matters most to you over the long term.

If you need some help with the important changes you’ve been dying to make, consider giving yourself a better chance at making ’em happen:

  • Start your own thing: business, band, book club.
  • Improve your career. Impress the boss lady or man. Stop being stuck where you’re at.
  • Launch that product/service already.
  • Enjoy more fulfilling relationships with your friends, family, and coworkers, where everyone feels appreciated and understood.
  • Be happy with your health (mental and physical) so you can stop comparing yourself and start patting yourself on the back.


You deserve to know what it’s like to be confident, fulfilled, and in control of your life at work, at home, and in your relationships. 100% fact. (I did the math. Don’t question my math. It’s right.)

Does it feel like it’s your time?

You're responsible for changing your life. Having the right support around you helps, but none of that will matter if you don't support yourself.

My high performance coach is one of my favorite people on the planet. Here’s why.

Coaching calls should be rewarding and fun, and they are with Jen. I don’t want to imagine where I’d be today if it wasn’t for her championing me through this past year. That’s why I signed up for another year of coaching with her!

The accountability of our monthly calls has helped me:

  • Plan my writing schedule out months in advance so I could focus on bigger ideas (I swore this was impossible).
  • That gave me space to write not one but TWO books this year.
  • Identify the goals that mattered most to me and focus on the tasks that moved the needle. Ditch the tasks that were eating my time and not paying off.
  • Create new habits that keep me productive and sane during workdays.
  • Quit my day jobs to become a full-time writer and take nights and most weekends off.
  • Become more influential and persuasive with others. (For you, this could mean: get people to believe in you, buy from you, and support you.)

Without a sliver of hesitation, I recommend you do this one thing, for the sake of who you dream of being:

Reach out to Jen so you can get the clarity, confidence, and courage you need. To repair your health, strengthen your relationships, and/or grow your business… without getting burned out.

So. Worth. It.

You get the final say on how your life plays out from the inside out. Nobody else. You're that powerful.

What to expect with high performance coaching with Jen.

This is speaking from personal experience.

Expect to:

  • Stop seeing other people pass you by.
  • Know what to do on a daily basis to outperform your peers.
  • Find new ideas, solutions, and answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Things that’ll move you in the direction of your dream work and life situation.
  • Change thought patterns and behaviors that drain you, like, by the time Tuesday’s here.
  • Save SO much time!
  • Have the energy, physical and mental stamina to reach your goals.
  • Express what you think, want, need, and need help with.
  • Get people to listen to and champion you.
  • Finish the week with your most important tasks completed.
  • Take action even when you feel uncertain. That’s courage, my friend. It makes all the difference.
  • Be held accountable for your progress without the judgment.

Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and champion you all the way there.

Successful people weren’t born excellent. They learned which habits to get better at to keep outperforming their peers.

Let Jen know that this Jen sent you her way for more info on her awesome coaching sessions!

Do yourself this favor and you’ll be doing a service for everyone you love and want to help.

Know a friend who’s ready to up their awesomeness? Send them this review so they can decide for themselves.

It’s your time, my love.

I believe in you.

And you should believe in you.

Let me know if you’ve had positive experiences with coaching before too — in the comments below. I’d love to know!


P.S. Seriously. Reach out to Jen to see how she can help you be even more amazing than you already are. Yay!

How amazing would it be to finish that thing you’ve been working on (or thinking about starting) for, what feels like, ever? To speak your mind and do what lights you up? You’ve got to know about my high performance coach! I mean it when I say she can help you change your career, health, relationships, life. I'd know.

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