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An Appreciation Poem for True Abundance in Life

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An Appreciation Poem for True Abundance in Life

If you're wondering how you'll get through the suffering, read this appreciation poem. It's about you and your potential grow into a deeper experience of being alive. Your power to see things in a new light, and to find purpose in nearly anything.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune in to.” ― Wayne Dyer

Presence is how you touch the depth of aliveness. When you give something attention in the present moment, a gratefulness comes with that, an aliveness: that’s abundance. And from that place, you can respond to whatever happens outside of yourself.

Nothing can replace the kind of freedom that presence of mind and appreciation can give.

True abundance isn't about the accumulation of things; it's about how you live the moment.

An Appreciation Poem for Living an Abundant Life

The most healing journey

Is the journey into life;

Knowing I’m not

Running out of time,

But really running in,

Outside of time and

Into the reality of life

That’s timeless, changeless.

Abundance is not out there,

But right here,

In here.


What appears to be a problem

Is really a portal.

A miracle can happen here,

But it only comes through me,

And my willingness

To see things differently.

Appreciating what I have

Is one way to turn

A rock into gold,

My suffering into a meaningful

Aspect of a mystery unfolding.

Appreciating what has yet

To come my way

Transforms how life

Continues to flow.

The problems I perceive,

Flooded with light,

Become something new.

There’s something much more

To life

Than what I can hold.

I need surrender

Only to this moment

For an abundance of light

To come through.


My rock,

My challenge,

My tragedy and grief–

They’re necessary to reach

The true treasures of being alive;

The rock is an indicator of

Another possibility

Working its way

Into my life.

Extending my own forgiveness,

The world softens with me.

The outline of grief

Loses its sharpness

When I stop striving,

Stop pushing,

Stop grasping and gasping;

Knowing deeply my truth

To be rich, and free.


I hope not for more things

In another time and place,

But look and listen more deeply

To this place.

No destination but this one

Requires my attendance.

Through appreciation and presence,

Peace becomes my treasure;

Joy becomes my nature.

There is here, and now,

And this is the place for abundance:

How deeply I Am Here and Now

Is how it’s measured.


I’ve spent some time

Crawling through the dark,

But now I know what it means

To stand in the light.

I’ve grown through the dirt,

And how grateful I am for it,

Because all the treasures

Are buried there.

Seeing life as a blessing,

Once hiding in plain sight,

It all becomes a beautiful painting

After a dark night.

There is wealth even here.

And I don’t know what this all means,

But there’s hope inside.

There is a breath breathing me,

And I am alive.

The times I feared would ruin me

Are the moments that pushed me

Right back into my self.

To me, now,

It’s clear:

Abundance takes no sides.


With appreciation,

Each step I take

Takes me further into

A great mystery.

With appreciation,

Each suffering I uproot,

Each experience I unearth,

Leads me to the infinite gift

Of my own rebirth.


All my darkness

Becomes light

When I shine the light

Of presence upon what is.

When I see what is,

Without seeking myself in it,

Gratefulness breaks the dam

That once held me back.

When I forgive what has been

And allow this moment

To live through me,

I can see clearly there is no lack.

The deeper I am,

The deeper I Am.

. . .

Tell me:

Which part of this poem is your favorite?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!

With love,















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