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10 Affirmations to Feel Better Right NOW

10 Affirmations to Feel Better Right NOW

Affirmations are powerful because they’re declarations of what’s true, for you. Use these affirmations to feel better (not later, but right now) so you can live the way you want to live. And you don't have to wait for anything or anyone else to give you the green light.

“You’ve got to find the feeling and practice it chronically until the world will actualize that way around you.” — Abraham-Hicks

I hope these affirmations bring you the comfort, clarity, and renewed courage that’ll keep you afloat and aligned with who you want to be — who you know you are.

Keep the phrase simple, true to you, and in the present tense. Make any changes you need to. Repeat it out loud or to yourself. Carry it with you throughout the day or post it to your wall. Say it until you FEEL it.

10 Affirmations to Feel Better Right Now (not "Someday, when")

1. I can reach for a thought that feels better.

I was born with the ability to create something new, so I test that out and choose another thought that feels just a little bit better than the last one. I inch my way closer to feeling good: that’s something I can do.

2. I am capable of experiencing a miracle.

There’s new energy available to me, and it contains my miracle. My miracle waits for me, but it doesn’t make me try too hard at all; I actually stop trying to arrive, and it jumps into the journey with me.

3. I am here to be conscious.

I can pause and look at what I’m experiencing, allow it, accept it, and see it through new eyes. I do this, simply watching, and I sense an alert presence behind the feelings. This is consciousness. I just touched who I really am, and why I’m here. I am consciousness, awake and alive.

4. Healing makes itself available to me, now.

This moment is brimming with all the life I could ever know. It is alway this space that I occupy that presents me with the chance to be alive, to breathe, to heal from the past, to heal from my thoughts, to heal the future, to heal who I’m not. Here, I am. Here, I can be restored to how I want to feel.

5. The world may be hard, but life is good.

I’m here to experience and even celebrate all the ways life can be expressed. I honor life because I am living, breathing proof that the universe is always looking for ways to know itself better. I am grateful to be alive as a creative expression of something that’s much larger than this world.

6. I am open to a new way of seeing this.

I am not stuck in this place; I am receptive to a perspective that has yet to plant itself in my mind. I am willing to see things differently, and it’s this willingness that saves me from being stuck.

“You cannot control anything except the way you feel.” - Abraham Hicks

7. I am open to all the ways the universe wants to bless me.

Whatever else I choose to believe in, I also choose to believe that blessings are possible even when I can’t see how they’d arrive.

8. I am free to be new.

I am completely free right now to change my mind, to experience a change of heart and a change of pace. I am continually expanding, learning, and capable of transformation. I can be new, and renewed, at any time.

9. I choose to be loving, because that’s who I am.

My reaction is not based on circumstances or the way someone else treats me — not when I’m conscious, which I am right now. I am loving because that’s who *I* am.

10. I am just being guided back to truth.

The joy and the pain are both guides that remind me of what’s true, important, necessary, and possible. I heed the call of whatever is coming up for me. I show up for the message, and listen to what it's showing me.

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these thoughts would you like to live by this year?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!

With love,


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Affirmations are powerful because they’re declarations of what’s true, for you. Use these affirmations to feel better (not later, but right now) so you can live the way you want to live. And you don't have to wait for anything or anyone else to give you the green light.

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  • Jun 15, 2020

    Debra, it’s my pleasure and honor. I’m so glad these could lift you up and help you see. Wishing you all the love and peace you deserve. x

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Jun 15, 2020

    I want to thank you for these wonderful affirmations I have been feeling down about myself and by reading these positive affirmations I can now have a much better outlook on where I’m going

    — Debra

  • Feb 17, 2020

    Tiffany, thank you for sharing this with me! I’m so glad these spoke to you especially. I love the way you put it too, that it was like these messages/possibilities were already inside you waiting to be lit like candles… beautiful <3

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Feb 17, 2020

    When I meditate, or just try to perk myself up a bit throughout the day, I think ‘my passion is your passion’ to myself, as if my voice inside is being validated for the things that bless me and all I do… (I toil with self love and positive self talk sometimes and have to really encourage positive thought while I’m doing my work) like on the way, #7 all the ways the universe wants to bless me I am open. I really appreciate these affirmations you listed because it warmed me so, my mind felt as I read like they were already inside me waiting to be lit up like little candles lighting up my whole world. Exciting! I know all things are possible whatever I choose to believe in.. faith in my passions, And I Love, I am free to be new, #7 and #8 compliment each other very well and really struck a cord thank you so much! A true gift:-D

    — Tiffany J Oviatt

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