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5 Affirmations for Insecurity: A Tribute to the Glorious, Sensitive Souls

5 Affirmations for Insecurity: A Tribute to the Glorious, Sensitive Souls

Counter your self-depreciating stories with stories that uplift and empower. With affirmations (like these ones!) you'll learn to embrace yourself in all your glory, flaws definitely included.

“The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves determine the quality of the selves we imagine we are. The stories we tell about others determine the quality of our relationships with them.” — Rami Shapiro, Hasidic Tales 

One of the biggest challenges I (and many others) face is how to tell higher quality stories to myself about myself.

I’ve been practicing self-empowering affirmations for a few years now, and more steadily over time, and they really do help—A LOT.

To be honest, I never thought I’d love affirmations so much. I didn’t even know what they were until I found myself desperate for something—anything—that would help me heal for real. Then I began to realize that every declaration I make is an affirmation because it’s something I declare to be true for me.

One thing I’ve learned and am still being reminded of daily: Make sure that what you declare to be true for you is something you want to be true for you.

The more mindful we are of what we’re saying to ourselves about ourselves, the more empowered we are to make sure those stories serve our best selves.

If you’re a fellow sensitive soul (or if you love one) then you know how easily we fall into stories that hurt. We feel a feeling we don’t want to be feeling, and we turn against ourselves. We say mean things because we made a mistake. We tell ourselves we shouldn’t be feeling this way. We believe we’re damaged or, even worse, wrong.

Perhaps the journey of the sensitive soul is about discovering one’s own power in an unlikely place: inside the sensitivity.

What I mean by this is that sometimes, we need to experience pain in order to realize how strong we can grow. The strength comes from the painful experience, just like a flower grows through the dirt. The caterpillar gains its strength by breaking free from the cocoon, not by having nothing to break free from.

Where there’s pain of feeling insecure in an unloving world, there’s a seed planted that has the potential to grow into the very thing that the world needs: love. The power may be kept in the dark, but through empowering stories, the stage can be set for something gorgeous to blossom.


Insecurity is a call for love.

Answer that call today with some affirmations for insecurity. See yourself through the lens of love.

5 Affirmations for Insecurity to Awaken Love from the Inside Out

1. Even though I’m feeling insecure, I am willing to love and accept myself anyway.

I validate that what I’m feeling is real and therefore worthy of being felt. Through my validation, the feelings are allowed to move and shift. I honor instead of reprimanding. I bring compassion to my attention. I listen to the call and try to answer with love.

Appreciating and accepting yourself, flaws and all, allows the energies within to move and transform into something else, something potentially more helpful.

2. My feelings are legitimate, but they are not me.

I notice that I’m feeling _________ (fill in the blank with what you’re feeling). I honor this because it’s here to tell me something. I’m willing to sit with this feeling without identifying with it. I’m so much more than any one sensation, thought, or action. I’m powerful enough to be enlightened by what I’m feeling.

3. I choose to love with all my might because that is who I am.

This insecurity is telling me that there is a distance between who I think I am and who I really am. To fill in the gap, I must choose love, and so that is what I do. The only person I need to be more like is myself. My true self surpasses every shadow of a doubt. My truth is a shining representation of love.

A call for love is best answered with love; it’s the glue that brings truth back into the light.

4. I alone am enough.

I see how I’ve made myself small to reflect the small stories I’ve told myself about myself. The stories about my truth are the ones that make me feel whole and worthy. Truth feels good. Insignificance is not true. I am not less than anyone. I am more than I have given myself credit for, and I’m starting to give credit where it’s due right now.

5. My sensitivity is a gift.

Being sensitive is a wonderful early warning system. I can access wisdom that not everyone can access. I have a deep, rich connection with the energy around me and I use it to tap into greater abundance and insight. I appreciate how I can take my sensitivity and allow it to become an awakening, reveal an opening, and offer a gift.

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these affirmations do you need the most today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

With love,


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  • Feb 22, 2024

    Hi Jen,

    I needed this so much today and it’s helping me towards feeling peaceful. I am truly trying to appreciate my sensitivity and how it allows me to connect with others. Thank you for these beautiful words.


    — Frankie

  • Jan 16, 2022

    These were really helpful. Thank you. The 4th one really stood out

    — Jennifer

  • Nov 23, 2020

    I need all of them, it’s wonderful, I already feel the transcendence , thank you

    — Mamata

  • Jun 20, 2020

    The 4th one is the one i need the most today.

    — Ilias

  • Jun 07, 2020

    Mantra for insecurity in a relationship. To stop manifesting negative thoughts

    — Jennifer

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