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12 Affirmations for Finding Beauty Wherever You Go

12 Affirmations for Finding Beauty Wherever You Go

Everything is terrible, or everything is a miracle. Sometimes, both. If you'd rather see the miracles, read these affirmations for finding beauty... wherever you go. So that no matter where you go, there you are. Fully. On purpose. Even in the middle of heartbreak and other terrible things.

“There can be an everyday magic to our experience, and that magic need not be mystical but, rather, a conscious trick of elongating time, of heightening and deepening our senses to the moment.” – Brendon Burchard, The Motivation Manifesto

12 Affirmations for Finding Beauty, No Matter Where You Find Yourself

1. I keep curiosity alive and it brings color to my life.

Life is a grand adventure and I am committed to learning all that I can for as long as I live. Whatever lies before me, I approach it with awareness and intention. I seek the gifts of being alive. So I can give back with wonder and curiosity and hope. This makes my whole life richer and meaningful.

2. I live joyously, gratefully, divinely aware.

What a wonderful thing to be where I am, as I am. I concentrate on the colors, textures, and every subtle smell, sound, and sight—they’re all signatures of life. I breathe deeply and move mindfully, pausing to see what’s here—thoroughly, gratefully, divinely aware.

3. I believe there’s something beautiful to find.

I find beauty because that’s what I’m looking for. I find beauty because I believe there’s beauty to be found. I am on a treasure hunt, unearthing gems from the ground I tread on, rejoicing in life’s hidden gifts as I go.

The beauty of life expands in proportion to your availability to that beauty.

4. I look at everything like it's a miracle.

There’s beauty to be found in every nook and cranny of this world. I even treat ordinary moments as though they were miracles hidden in plain sight, and they become miracles. Every single moment is another chance to see the beautiful expressions of life, all here together at the same time. This whole thing, it's a gift.

5. I have a beautiful mind that sees a beautiful world.

Beauty finds me when I find it within myself. I choose to be a loving person who lives in a loving world, a seeker of beauty in a beautiful place. Life is beautiful because I have decided that it is so. I let go of whatever doesn't serve that truth. For what looks ugly is just a call for the love it, too, needs.

6. I am in awe of the beauty of being alive.

I am in awe of life’s complexities and simplicities, struck by the nuances of living a life fully alive. I let the mysteries delight and inspire me. I am meant to be here, alive, breathing, seeking, living. That in itself gives me reason enough to find more beauty while I’m here.

As we stand in awe of life's greatest mysteries, reverent for the air we breathe, we grow beautiful, too.

7. I am a powerful force for what’s beautiful in the world.

I focus intensely on the beauty that exists because that is how it grows. The more I honor the beauty that I can bring into the world, the more beautiful the world becomes. There is so much beauty to be seen and so much beauty still to be given. I do my part and give wherever I can.

8. I find a little magic everywhere I go.

I believe there's magic in this moment and I'm present enough, alert and open enough to sense it. I even carry a little magic with me wherever I go. Heart wide open and mind soft, I let invisible beauty, the very essence of life, flow through me. I feel my connection to every living, breathing thing.

9. I cherish small wonders even in darker times.

Every glimmer of hope is something to behold. And so I stand like a beacon, a light in the darkness. I carry my lantern through the night, reflecting the light in each of us.

10. My presence brings out the presence of beauty.

I absorb the details from my surroundings, drinking in the moment and honoring what's right here with me. If things don't seem very beautiful right now, I grow even more willing to change my mind about it. When I change, the world responds in kind. I look for more of what I want to find.

11. I am full of life and filled with gratitude.

I am so grateful to be alive. I heighten my senses and take in the fullness of my time here. I delight in the foods that nourish me, the air that I breathe, the earth that supports me, the ones who walk with me. I am vibrant and alive, my life a mosaic of experiences and cells and stars.

12. I hold thoughts of beauty in my mind.

... and beauty can't help but respond. I think about the things that make me smile, the people who love me, the ways I've survived what could've brought me down. I flood my mind with images of light and colors and textures. I cherish every little ounce of grace I've been given. And I believe the future is listening.

. . .

Tell me:

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Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!



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  • Sep 05, 2022

    Jen, thank you for sharing these soul-stirring affirmations.

    — Cikizwa Nandi Williams

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