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An Empowering Affirmation for Stress-Relief and Self-Mastery

An Empowering Affirmation for Stress-Relief and Self-Mastery

Read this affirmation for stress-relief if you're having one of those days. If you forgot that you're more powerful than the negative thoughts you think. Also a fact: most of the things you worry about never happen, and if they do happen, you can make it through them.

“I do get angry. I get stressed. I do worry. I get sad and disappointed too. What I am not, though, is consumed by any of them. I owe it to myself not to torment my soul with my own sorrows. I strive to move forward.” – Dodinsky

This affirmation is a guidepost, a tool for prevention, a moment of silence, a helpline, a deep remembrance of power, a return to love, a welcome distraction, a miracle-worker, and another chance.

When you speak it, speak with purpose. 

You'll interrupt the thoughts that are controlling you. So you can have your day back.

Tip: write your favorite excerpts down on paper, print them out and post them somewhere, or putt them in your phone so you can see them whenever you need them.

An Affirmation for Stress-Relief

I am more.

Something has happened to me, but I don't know yet how it has happened for me. I have hope because it’s too early to know the whole story.

I am more than the thoughts inside my head. I am the observer. I take a mental step back and look at the bigger picture. I see thoughts coming and going, some slow and some quick. I am capable of welcoming new thoughts that better serve my growth instead. I watch them come in.

Right here in this moment, I give up who I’ve been for who I can become. I direct my thoughts toward a brighter reality and a fuller version of myself. I stand firmly in my power to be new.

I am enough.

I am powerful enough to think new thoughts and create new realities. All is well in the depths of my soul. I release the need to figure everything out all at once.

I have everything I need to make a fresh start.

To believe that we’re essentially enough might be all we need to make it through hardship without losing our fire.

I am blue fire.

My calm mind is the ultimate weapon against stress, but I don’t focus on the stress. I focus on the fire within, the strength I contain. My serenity is self-mastery.

A moment of solitude does not destroy my flame. I take a deep breath inward, steady my hands, straighten my stance, and see the flame rising to swiftly burn away negativity. To distraction, it does the same. I am returned to this moment; full presence is restored. I am returned to inner serenity; to stress, I close the door.

I respond to stress with a greater reverence for life. I am alive—what a gift it is to perceive the world any which way that I choose. I refocus on the miracle it is to be here at all, with a mind to harness and emotions to guide me through. I am more in control than I used to think. I start thinking in line with the beauty of being alive.

 . . .

Tell me:

Which of these thoughts did you need to read today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

With love,


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