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25 Reasons Why Life Is Beautiful and Worth Living

25 Reasons Why Life Is Beautiful and Worth Living

Whatever you think about it, life is beautiful. Even after things fall apart. Regardless of how things fall back together. You were given life. Don’t miss out on this chance. Read these words to help you honor the beauty inherent in every experience. That’s how you turn metal into gold, rubble into treasure, dark into light, pain into healing.

25 Reasons Why Life Is Beautiful and Worth Living

1. Life is colorful. This isn’t a black-and-white movie. This is a vibrant, full-resolution, widescreen experience. How amazing is it that we’re here, together, for this brief sliver of eternity, to experience life from this angle, through these eyes and hands?

2. You have a say in how much love you feel. You get to choose how you experience your experiences. This internal freedom is something that no one and nothing can take away from you without your permission.

3. You determine your “why.” You get to make your life a meaningful mission, and you get to choose what that means for you. The purpose of your life is to live according to YOU.

4. We’re all very different expressions of life. This keeps life on earth interesting and expansive. There really is no limit to what’s possible. You bring something different to the world just by being who you are.

5. There are beautiful people everywhere. Their hearts are so big they inspire goodness in the people around them. You might not see them on the news tonight, but there are more compassionate, caring individuals than there are otherwise. Otherwise, we wouldn’t still be here.

6. You’re a creative being. You’re human. You’re a living creature with the power to create what was once only a thought. You create new life, art, a home, new thoughts, and a new reality every time you think and act.

“You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within it, no matter how slight.” – Liz Gilbert

7. There’s a lot to see when you look up. You can always count on sunshine or starry skies, rolling clouds or distant planets, beautiful chaos, or birds taking flight. There are lessons written all over the earth, all across the sky.

8. Energy doesn’t die.

9. No matter how long the winter, spring always follows. Random things happen every day. You have little control over the workings of the universe, but you can count on the seasons to change… all the way back into themselves.

10. No matter the physical distance between you, you have ways of communicating with the people you love. You live in an amazing time in history. You can see the people you love smile, hear them laugh, ask about their life even when they’re on the other side of the planet.

11. There’s more to life than what meets the eye. Even when you can’t see it, the sun is always burning and the stars are always shining. The world is spinning and you’re grounded on the earth. Crystals are hiding in ordinary stones. Bulbs are waiting in frozen ground for spring.

12. It’s always the present moment. You’re always right here, right now. Everything is contained here, now. Even the past. Even the future. And you’re part of everything.

You don't need to chase the extraordinary for beauty. You need to show up fully, here.

13. Your imagination is infinite. Your mind can be an amazing place. You can travel to places (back in time, to the future, somewhere you’ve never seen) without stepping physical foot in them. There are no limits to what you can dream.

14. Everyone is capable of being loved. Even strangers are capable of loving each other. We don’t need to be in an intimate relationship to reach out and touch a heart.

15. People fall in love.

16. Laughter is contagious. Smiling is contagious, too. Love turns what’s not love into love. Darkness that is brought to the light is transformed by the light into light. Appreciation gives us more to appreciate.

17. This too shall pass. Things are always changing. This gives hope during the dark times and appreciation during the bright times, and presence during both.

18. A small gesture can change the course of a life. Something as tiny as a comment or a hug can lift your spirits and change the way you go about your day. Little things make a big difference.

19. You live on a planet that supplies you with life energy. You have the materials to experience life. You were brought here by this energy, you’re sustained by it, and it’ll carry on for as long as forever.

To live at all is the greatest miracle of all.

20. A thought can be changed. You’re not stuck with a certain set of beliefs for the rest of your life. You’re free to practice new thought patterns at any time. You’re allowed to be new.

21. We see reflections of ourselves in others. As the poet Rumi put it, “The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you.” We’re mirrors for each other. This is why it’s helpful to go hand in hand.

22. Nature is abundant with her lessons. Summer is a time to play. Autumn shows you how graceful change can be. Winter restores you. Spring promises new life and, with it, new hope.

23. You can learn something new every day. The universe is that expansive. You contribute to that expansion every day, even if you don’t mean to. Contributing on purpose, though, makes life feel that much richer.

24. You’re not alone. There’s always someone, somewhere, at some point in time who knows exactly how you feel and is acutely familiar with your pain. You’re understood. You’re not the only one who has ever felt this… life just isn’t that narrow.

25. You’re healing. When you’re injured, depleted, or heartbroken, you can rise again. You might never be the same person, but you’re given another chance over and over again to live. That’s a beautiful thing.

Tell me:

Which of these messages did you need to read today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!

With love,


P.S. Wake up feeling like you’re a miracle (because you are). Get my book Morning Affirmations: 200 Phrases for an Intentional and Openhearted Start to Your Day. You deserve to feel that way. This is your LIFE.





Whatever you think about it, life is beautiful. Even after things fall apart. Regardless of how things fall back together. You were given life. Don’t miss out on this chance. Read these words to help you honor the beauty inherent in every experience. That’s how you turn metal into gold, rubble into treasure, dark into light, pain into healing.

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  • Jun 07, 2023

    I do not know if life is beautiful but there are beautiful moments in it. I have been divorced for three years and I have had some beautiful moments thanks to my family and friends. My daughter helps me in my healing journey every day. That is also beautiful.

    — Neda

  • Jun 07, 2023

    Dear Sami,

    Life is never easy, never supposed to be! The number one thing we are all working on everyday is getting out of our own way. FEAR! Fear of trying something NEW, fear of being WRONG, fear of not being accepted or liked.
    The battle is ongoing in our brain, in our life, between Good & Bad – Busy & Lazy – Smart & Stupid – Creative & Boring. Good Angel vs Bad Angel. We all start with baby steps. We all go home at night to recuperate and revive our resources so we can engage in the “Fine Fight of Life” another day. I hope the very best for you. xoxo Lynda

    — Lynda

  • Jun 07, 2023

    Dear Jennifer,

    What a lovely post, essay! I was browsing this morning’s newspaper and in particular an article about someone who was taught by their parents how to pray their evening prayer to God. OMGoodness! I thought, I should do this! I Googled,"reasons why life is beautiful’ and your lovely list popped up! I am forever entranced with our earth, our universe and truly believe gratitude is a great place to be. Thank you so much! Lynda Louden

    — Lynda

  • Jun 07, 2023

    I disagree with all of these. Life is not as great as people make it sound. While these might be for some people not all of us get this.

    — Wes

  • Jun 07, 2023

    life is so beautiful

    — karaline

  • Jun 05, 2022

    Dear Jennifer,

    It’s truly heart warming and soul touching to read the “25 Reasons Why Life Is Beautiful and Worth Living”. Believe me, I have read it more than 25 times!.

    I wish you too a ‘Beautiful Life and a Worthy Living’.

    Thanks & Regards

    — Ravindran Mudaliar BC

  • Aug 22, 2021

    Lovely thoughts…

    ..yet as a Finn (depressed and tired one) the number 10 made me actually really laugh aloud. Isolated beings such as I – there are no people I truly “love”, maybe the reason to be depressed. Really – I have lived with my GF now 25 years. So there is one to hug, but moved with her 3-4 times to new places.

    Parents, gone. Brothers – never loved, rather been hurt. I have not made no new friends after first two moves, but have bosses and colleagues, first at Uni and after that at work. Childhood friends, tried to reach out at some point – one answered, this one told that others do not want to meet. Lovely.

    Makes difficult to “love” people, and celebrity crush probably do not count here much. So:

    10. No matter the physical distance between you, you have ways of communicating with the people you love.

    really made me let out some sounds that someone might have considered connected to amusement…

    But yes – agreed; people or person, that is just semantics…


    p.s. Rope friction should be lessened with some lube or something – otherwise there can be complications, as far as I know (things can fail)

    p.p.s I see David above shares some of the enthusiasm I have currently… makes me wonder, as I’m only at the half way post with age, if I could really do something… or what it would take to make that change…

    — Sami

  • Aug 14, 2021

    David this is the first time a come across a post like this I was reading your comment and I can’t help to notice that you’re wrong even though I don’t know you at all I can tell how good your energy is even tho life hasn’t been fair to you we need more people like you on this world I need friends like you in my life keep your head up and if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here

    — Andy Hernandez

  • Jun 23, 2021

    Sometimes I find myself in severe depressed moments that are too dark and scary AH. I try to save myself by listening to soothing music and falling asleep; I’m so happy I landed on your page now!

    — Ahmad

  • May 28, 2021

    Life is indeed beautiful….

    — Tobe

  • Apr 27, 2021

    Hmm.. Thanx… Whatsoever.. Time is Magician..
    You have get cuts.. but it will teach you lessons..making you stronger.. thus at last somehow it heals.. but you must have the eyes to see beautiful when your mind force you to think all rubbish.
    Life has different colours.. shades between being happy and sad.
    But indeed it’s Beautiful!!:)

    — Ms. Monika Malviya Jaiswal

  • Jan 30, 2021

    life is certainly beautiful.

    — grandpa

  • Jan 17, 2021

    David, you have been through a LOT in your lifetime. I am sorry for all the pain and suffering and struggle you’ve had to find your way through. I don’t for a second think that everything I write or share will resonate with everyone who reads it, but still I share if it might touch one person, and help me heal, see the beauty that’s still left around me, or keep on trying when I feel like giving up. (Which I do still, sometimes.) We do what we can, one day at a time. And while it’s not always beautiful, in a way it can be a gift, even if it’s just the gift of another chance to see things differently. Wishing you small moments of peace that carry you through this, too, even if it’s just a thought or a breath or view that brings you that peace. <3

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Jan 17, 2021

    Thank you. I needed some encouragement.

    — Belinda

  • Jan 17, 2021

    I have non of the above
    From the beginning of my life
    I was never hugged,
    Everyone I met while growing up just wanted to beat me up,
    MY education was not the best because others wanted me beaten, I was scared in school, and I kept thinking wrong thoughts, possibly from fear.
    The same when I worked, No one like me, because I worked hard, and even one of my bosses did not appreciate me even though I did not make any mistakes and was a hard worker,
    My spouse never hugged me or took any interest in me, 34 years of unhappiness,
    So I gave her everything I had worked for and walked away with barely the shirt on my back
    I moved to a quiet place with no neighbours around for over 2 miles,
    I’m 78 and rarely get any visitors,
    The government allowed seismic testing just outside my property lines, and this roughly 4 years later caused my basement to flood spring and summer during rainy season, No lawyer would take my case and I had no funds to pay them. (The previous owners said my basement never flooded)
    Now I live in a house by myself where the air is not the best and it gives me lots of allergy problems, where my sinuses plug often and I get headaches from this, and have to take T 3’s for the pain, I also take lorazepam for stress. The cost of maintenance on this shack I bought, takes from my meager pension, not allowing me to travel even to visit, which I rarely want to do, It prevents me from doing the things I loved to do, which I can no longer pay to do, 20 + years here, when if this had not happened, I would have finished remodelling and sold it and moved to a better location, Now I stay home and play experimenting with my few tools I have, thinking some day maybe.
    But you tell me why I should have been born?
    I have no reason to see friends, I have no loved ones that really care maybe except one, I may see every few years for only a few minutes, to a day and then they are gone,
    Have I regrets ? Yes, I was born for no reason for anyone to love,
    Besides me, How many others are there in the same situation, that are kind and care about others,
    There is nothing you ca say or do that will help,

    — David

  • Dec 06, 2020

    Thank you for this, it made me happy a little bit. Maybe there’s not enough light for me now, but it is enough to beat the darkness. I want to tell everyone who is reading this that you are not alone at being alone, you’ll do it, you are strong. Keep fighting <3

    — Salma

  • Nov 30, 2020

    Life is very beautiful

    — Avinash Mohanta

  • Sep 07, 2020

    Life is beautiful indeed.

    — Miranda

  • Aug 24, 2020

    Thanks for sharing, I really appreciated the last one on healing :)

    — Geraldine Ler

  • May 13, 2020

    This is pure beauty.

    — Carlos Cisneros

  • May 06, 2020

    Catherine, thank you for sharing this. I’m so glad and touched these could help you remember the beauty when it’s hard to see. It’s everywhere if we’re looking right…

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • May 06, 2020

    Thank you so much for sharing these. I read this when i was having a really hard time and these really helped me remember the beautuful things in life.

    — Catherine Evergarden

  • Mar 15, 2020

    Meena, thank you for sharing! I’m so glad you enjoyed these <3

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Mar 15, 2020

    It’s an outstanding thoughts
    balance of life quote!
    It’s a beautiful LIFEFUL LIFESTYLE 💕

    — Dr.Mrs Meena Kumari

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