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A Two-Word Mindfulness Mantra That’s Easing My Anxiety

A Two-Word Mindfulness Mantra That’s Easing My Anxiety

When this moment becomes the most important moment, your entire life becomes a masterpiece. To help you come back to the present tense, to stop worrying or to get out of a rut, try this two-word mindfulness mantra. It works for me.

“Now is where love breathes.” — Rumi (attributed)

A Mindfulness Mantra for Presence of Heart, Whatever and Wherever


Only This.

Only This.

Only This.

Only: An all-encompassing, whole singular.

This: What is right here, showing up, right now.

Only. This.

Only this moment. Only this person. Only this sensation. Only this experience. Only this task. Only this breath.

Whatever it is you’re doing, and wherever you happen to be, these two words are a simple reminder to come back to this and do what you can from here.

There’s nothing fancy about these words, but the more I’ve been repeating them to myself, the more meaning they bring.

I repeat this mindfulness mantra in the shower when I’m thinking about my to-do list, before I begin a writing project, while I’m driving, when I'm out with friends, as I’m falling asleep.

The results? I actually experience the water falling on my skin. I enter a state of flow in writing. I don’t distract myself with keeping 10 tabs open on my computer. I truly pay attention to the road, my surroundings, and other drivers while I’m driving. I fall asleep faster.

I enjoy my relationships.

I feel more. I see more. I taste more. I feel ALIVE.

Only. This.

Using these two words as a mindfulness mantra—using them in your meditations, even—is such a simple practice that you might actually do it.

Simple really is beautiful.

. . .

Tell me:

When (or where) could you use this mantra?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

With love,


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