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5 Affirmations as “Triggers” to Support Daily Abundance 

5 Affirmations as “Triggers” to Support Daily Abundance 

An abundant life isn’t only about financial wealth. Money is a form of currency but still a sliver of the whole concept of abundance. There’s a greater source of energy all around. Read these are the affirmations to feel supported and connected to that source, wherever you go and whatever it is you're doing today.

“Whatever energy signature we carry will be repeated infinitely, again and again, until we change that vibration.” — Paige Bartholomew


Using Trigger Moments for Sustainable Change

Trigger moments are moments of transition of some sort. Every time you sit down or stand up is a transition. Every time you begin a new project, that’s a transition. Entering a new room or conversation is a moment of transition.

I was inspired by the concept of activating and sustaining habits using “triggers” when I listened to a recent podcast episode with Brendon Burchard, a world-class high-performance trainer.

Watch this video where Brendon talks more about using this technique to maintain habits. Some suggestions are “doorframe” triggers, tying the new action to something you already do, and setting up multiple daily reminders on your phone to keep you on track.

Good intentions fall apart if we don’t set up reminders for ourselves to live into those intentions.

First, answer these questions:

  1. How do you want to feel and live your life?
  2. What behaviors do you want to solidify?
  3. What habits will help you live this way?

The following five affirmations are declarations of truth, stated with confidence, with the aim of supporting a life lived in daily abundance. That’s my personal intention and these are the affirmations I’m setting up as triggers for myself to keep me on track.

5 Affirmations for Trigger Moments to Support Daily Abundance

1. I am supported.

This is my doorframe trigger. Every time I walk through a doorway, this is what I’m saying to myself—either out loud or in my head.

What short phrase or set of words do you need to be reminded of often? The “doorframe trigger” is a good way to practice new affirmative thought patterns.

To feel like you are supported—in connecting with your highest self, pursuing your dreams, thriving over barely surviving—is a marker of an abundant life. This is a simple reminder to tap into that energy source, to walk through your day as if the life you’re meant to live is not only a possibility but inevitable.

2. All really is well.

This is my chair trigger. Every time I sit down, this is what I’m saying to myself. I sit down a lot as a writer, and thus will be repeating this phrase often.

Saying, “All really is well” sometimes resonates more than “All is well” during a particularly difficult season of life. It’s a reminder to trust the process even when you don’t understand it.

When we believe that all really is well, even when it seems like it’s not, we’re encouraged to put hope into action.

3. I am enough.

This is my negativity trigger. Every time I start to complain, compare myself in a self-diminishing way, replay regretful moments, or formulate negative stories in my head, this is what I’m saying in response.

The first time I used this was during a meditation session, and it helped me out a lot more than I thought it would. After months of meditating without experiencing that deep sense of connection the soul craves, this affirmation interrupted my thoughts and ushered me into peace nearly immediately.

4. I believe in what’s possible.

This is my driving trigger. Every time I get into or out of a vehicle, I repeat this phrase as a reminder that I can rise above my current circumstances.

Another variation could be: “I believe in where I’m going” or “I am on the right path.”

Dream above your circumstances.

5. I am connected to something larger than myself.

This is my shower trigger. Every time I step into or out of the shower, this is the phrase that’s coming with me, reminding me that I am not an island.

You’ll notice that this affirmation is the longest phrase. That’s because simple is always best when creating new habits, and since I don’t shower as often as I walk through a doorway or sit down, this is the only phrase that contains more than 3 or 5 words.

The easier the pattern is to remember and recreate, the more likely we are to turn it into a sustainable habit, a behavior, and then a second nature.

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these affirmations is your favorite?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!

There is plenty for everyone, including you.

With love,


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