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A Sneak Peek: 3 Affirmations for Sleep from the New Bedtime Book for Adults

A Sneak Peek: 3 Affirmations for Sleep from the New Bedtime Book for Adults

These three affirmations for sleep are from my new book, Sleep Affirmations! If you're tired physically and mentally, and desperately need some good sleep, this book is for you. It's chock-full of positive energy and makes a perfect gift for the tired people in your life.

“There are two types of tired, I suppose. One is a dire need of sleep, and the other is a dire need of peace.” — Maneq Ahmed

Sleep Affirmations: 200 Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep comes out in less than one month! May 15th is the magical date.

Straight from the pages of the book, I chose these three affirmations for sleep to share with you. Use your favorite phrase tonight while you're getting ready for bed. Read and repeat until you feel better.

3 Affirmations for Sleep from the Pages of This New Bedside Book

1. Peace is my dwelling place.

My peace is becoming so deep, and so vast, that anything that is not peace disappears into it. I dwell in this open space; I disappear into it too. Everything becomes “no thing” here. Everything becomes a piece of eternity, endlessly at peace in itself.

Sleep tonic: Read something filled with positive intention, so that it fills you. Visualize peaceful energy softening every thought. Fall asleep with love on your lips.

2. I am safe right now.

“All is well” has been written on my heart. I am safe in this space, enveloped in grace. I know I am protected here, my wishes kept with care. There is nothing right now that I need fear

3. Nothing is left undone.

Even as I sleep, life is being handled for me. I may not know how to get everything done, but I am willing to believe that, ultimately, nothing is left undone. A higher order of things ensures that everything is attended to.

When you fall asleep with peace in your heart, it's easier to wake up and live with heart.

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these affirmations do you need the most tonight?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

Love and moonlight,


P.S. For 197 more affirmations like these, get my book Sleep AffirmationsYou’ll sleep, and feel… better. You deserve that much.

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