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5 Short Nature Poems to Embrace This Season

5 Short Nature Poems to Embrace This Season

Through poetry, we enter life consciously, with clarity of mind and a steadier heart. If you can't write the poem, then be the poem. Read these short nature poems, penned with springtime in mind, to embrace whatever season you’re in - for a season that's brimming with whatever it is you most want and need.

“She told me I need therapy. I told her I write poetry.” — Perry Poetry

Here we are, rooted in our current season but not without branches to stretch out and see what else can be found. We might even find wings up there if we keep exploring.

5 Short Nature Poems, Perfect for Embracing This Season

Vines drip their own

Brand of honey.

They crawl and rise and

Make it look like a grand dance.

Weaving over time their own

Kind of love.

They play, in their own time.

To you, they are just vines.

To the heart, even they are

Happy to see you smile.

— I see you


Wake up to this moment.

It will awaken the flowers

Your busy mind has

Forgotten to see,

Stretch your vision to include

Every busy bee and

Heighten every sense with which

You ought to breathe.

— Wake up


Stay and feed the soil.

Don’t just grab the fruit.

Empty your mind of everything and feel

Who you are—

Not just blossoms and beauty, but

Darkness and dirt too.

— Being whole


In order to grow,

You must give up the struggle

To remain the same.

In order to embrace this season that you’re in,

Whether pleasure or pain,

It is time again to come home to

Where your heart’s honesty has been laid.

If you want to live in wholeness,

You will not avoid what life has to offer.

Blessed or wretched,

You must love better.

Giving and receiving,

Loss and gain,

Sunshine and treacherous rainstorms—

Life is everything.

Learn how to love as openly,

As boldly and breathtakingly

As life does for you.

— Loving, due to living


When the leaves dance, and

A new wind blows;

When the birds sing, and

A new song is composed;

When deep within the rivers of my soul

I begin to hear the approaching sea,

I pause and bask in sweet unity.

I cannot bear but to see

The unshakeable connection to

Everything around me.

— New but old

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these thoughts did you need to read today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

With love,


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  • Nov 06, 2020

    Amy, yes you are absolutely welcome to share any of my poems and work on your website with proper credit and a link back to the original post where you’re sourcing from. Thank you for asking! I’m honored you love this enough to share. x

    — Jennifer Williamson

  • Nov 06, 2020

    Hello Jennifer.

    I’m a hobby photographer with a love of nature and macro photography. I’m building a website called Enchanted Prairie and I’d love to post one of your poems. I would obviously credit you and link the poem to your page. Are you ok with that? The website isn’t quite ready for public eyes but you can see my work on instagram at

    I am enjoying your blog. Have a good day.


    — Amy

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