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5 Original Morning Affirmations for Loving Relationships

5 Original Morning Affirmations for Loving Relationships

These affirmations for loving relationships are beautiful reminders first thing in the morning: to stay true to what you value, to promote what you love, to take responsibility for what you can control (your energy, your responses, your contribution). Since relationships are pretty much everything when it comes to living a full and rich life, you might consider these daily reminders absolutely essential.

Guess what?

These affirmations are from my new book, Morning Affirmations!

Following the style and heart of Sleep Affirmations, this next book is packed with 200 phrases to help you stay intentional, passionate about what matters to you, with a heart open to possibilities and more fruitful relationships: with yourself, others, and life.

Get a copy for you and a friend to celebrate a better year coming.

Here are five affirmations for loving relationships that I can’t help but share with you now.

  • Read them slowly. Pause with every punctuation. Contemplate their rich meaning.
  • Let the energy come through the words (it’s there). Don’t just read: feel.
  • Keep them with you during the day (and the holidays) for reaffirmation whenever you’re hungry for more love.

5 Morning Affirmations for Loving Relationships and Lighter Hearts

1. My relationships are platforms for growth.

Instead of dismissing what I do not like or understand, I invite kind conversations about it. If suffering makes an appearance, I stop battling and start asking how we can grow through this. Together, care-fully, pain turns into peace.

Page 31 from Morning Affirmations.

Instead of dismissing what you don't like or understand about someone else, invite kind conversations about it. An open, receptive heart goes deeper than the surface illusion of separateness.

2. I need no other reason to love than love.

I do not need to love because I need to be loved. The love I give is the love I keep. I remove my conditions for love and love only to be love. Love is always reason enough for loving.

Page 32 from Morning Affirmations.

3. Compassion is my medicine of choice.

Today I treat pain with compassion, not more pain. It is deceptively easy to judge but more fulfilling to love. I look deeper than the surface hurt and see a core wound. Responding to something unloving with love makes me feel free.

Page 71 from Morning Affirmations.

When you can respond to something unloving with love, you open yourself up to grace. You unchain yourself from the weights of resentment, blame, and the need to be right. Then you can know the true warmth of freedom.

4. I plant seeds of kindness.

As I sew compassion into my words, I sow happiness in my relationships. I reach out with deep awareness and appreciation. Empathy gives me the wisdom I need to seed fields of greater love. I am a healer and a light of the world.

Page 191 from Morning Affirmations.

5. I give away love like it’s what I am made of.

I lift others through my gentle gaze and caring touch, through my attitude and expressions of love. I give the world around me what’s evergreen inside of me. The more I love, the easier it becomes to live.

Page 126 from Morning Affirmations.

The more you love, the more natural it feels to face fear with hope and hold the space for healing in a world that's hurting.

Tell me:

What do you need more of in your relationships in 2019?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

Only ever love,


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