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31 Daily Positive Affirmations for a Miraculous Month

31 Daily Positive Affirmations for a Miraculous Month

Use these daily positive affirmations to embrace each new beginning this month brings. Use them to describe who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to see more of. Use one for the whole month, if it resonates with you right now.

“Anytime you start a sentence with I AM, you are creating what you are and what you want to be.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

31 Daily Positive Affirmations for a Miraculous Month

1. My challenges are actually opportunities.

The challenges I experience are gateways to new levels of living. They are stepping stones, not walls. They are windows facing me in another direction with another vision for how I can live in the world. Life becomes easier when I accept what is, work with it instead of against it, and trust the process that is larger than any narrow, negative view.

2. I plant seeds of peace in my mind.

I choose to live in stillness and I let the outside be what it may. Peace is my home.

3. I surrender what I cannot control so that I can receive guidance.

I do my best and hope for what I want, but I do not resist the direction of the wind. Through surrender, I move from outer turmoil to inner peace.

4. I’m determined to find beauty in every moment, no matter what.

Instead of rejecting what is, fighting reality, or labeling something as “wrong,” I allow it all to be exactly what it is. Only from a place of acceptance can I experience lasting positive change. I may be tempted to complain about what I don’t like, but life is far more enjoyable and uncomplicated if I see things for what they are, without judgment, first.

I’m constantly on the lookout for the beauty in every nook and cranny of my experiences.

5. Happiness is a choice I make.

I accept and am grateful for the opportunities to become conscious of this choice.

6. I am honest with myself.

I live in my truth by feeling my feelings and getting honest about my discomfort. I do not skip this step in healing my hurts.

7. I ask and listen from the level of the heart.

When in conversation, I show up with full presence. I don’t try to change someone’s situation for them according to my own preconceptions. I bring no judgment, no expectations. I listen not to respond, but simply to listen–to hear and see them completely, with my heart. When I do speak, I highlight the hope that I see for them.

8. I make love manifest in the world.

I dissolve all separation with the love I bring into the situation.

"When you want only love you will see nothing else." – A Course in Miracles

9. Actually, I can.

Today I take my power back and I’m owning my internal experiences. I can learn what I need in order to succeed. All I need to win is within.

10. Every emotion deserves 90 seconds of my attention.

Whatever it is I’m feeling, whether it’s positive or negative, will receive 90 seconds of my unbiased awareness. In that time, the emotion can move through me naturally, and move on, unhindered by my resistance.

11. I forgive it all.

What has happened has been, and there's no other way I could have or should have let it be. And so, I let it go and I let life be as it is. I forgive the people, I forgive the situation, and I forgive myself. I trust life and I am safe.

12. I am willing to forgive myself.

I send love and compassion in my direction, so that I can better serve love from a peaceful place.

13. I am whole.

My negative thoughts and feelings of unworthiness do not represent who I really am. I am more than the sum of my parts, and I am part of something greater.

14. I wish others peace.

For the sake of the peace in my own body, may others find a greater sense of peace in theirs. If I am suffering, and I believe it’s their fault, I can reorganize my thoughts to see that they, too, are suffering and are in need of more light, not more darkness. If I must leave the situation, I leave peace in my wake.

15. I choose to see the light.

I see in the world what I carry in my heart, and I choose to focus on the beauty, the love, and the positive. I am brave enough to explore the darkness, that I might re-discover the power of my own light.

16. I embrace change.

I embrace endings, for they give birth to new beginnings. I embrace beginnings, for they are rich in hope and possibility. I embrace change, for it promises new life and a chance to begin again.

17. I welcome the present moment as if my soul had invited it here.

No matter how problematic or tragic my life situation may be, life itself is not wrong. Though I may grieve and worry, I am always in the present moment; I cannot truly ever touch the past or future. I stand firmly in this place and time, because there’s a deeper part of me that knows this is where I’m meant to be.

18. I enjoy the little things.

Today, I appreciate the simple pleasures in life, for this is how I build the foundation for a good life.

19. This is home and I am home.

Wherever I go, I am at home within myself. I cannot be lost, for everywhere I roam is where I’m meant to go.

20. I bring hope into the present moment.

Hope is activated in the present moment, not in the past or future. When I become a living example of the power of hope, and the power of Now, I become a catalyst for the positive force in others. Starting now, I awaken hope here, in this place. 

"You are the sky. Everything else – it's just the weather." – Pema Chödrön

21. Conscious breathing is my anchor.

With each deep breath, I am reminded that I’m connected to everything and that everything will be okay. I allow myself the space to breathe deeply.

22. My inner peace is invincible.

Through compassion during the hard times, and gratitude in the good times, I strengthen my connection to a peaceful inner space.

23. The present moment is the very essence of love, hope, compassion, and joy.

Consider Deepak Chopra’s words: “Present moment awareness is simply conscious experience without the mind’s analysis or conceptualization, including the thoughts and feelings about the past and future.”

24. I release the need to judge.

I need not take on the role of Judge. Instead, I bear witness to life as it is. By releasing judgment, I make space to love.

When we move from judgment to gratitude, life softens. Embrace life, and life embraces us.

25. I am willing to see things differently.

Every moment is a chance to see with new eyes. I am willing for this situation to be reinterpreted.

26. I offer compassion to others, even when I do not agree.

Compassion begets more compassion. Instead of trying to force change upon others, it’s more effective to be an example of hope and love. Everyone wants to grow in their own way, at their own pace. If I detect resistance on the surface, I know deeply that their soul is listening to mine when I speak from a place of love, hope, and compassion.

27. I create happiness.

I cultivate a curiosity for life’s vast beauty, so that I can extract joy from common things. I qualify myself for joyful experiences.

28. I trust life.

I trust the process of life, even, and especially, when it doesn’t unfold as I have planned.

29. I give thanks for what’s yet to come.

My appreciation now brings forth more to appreciate tomorrow. There is no restriction on the possibilities that await me, as long as I don’t get in my own way and resist what is, and what’s good, now. Even what doesn’t look good on the surface can help me. I don’t stand in my own light, or fight. I’m open to life happening for me, through me.

30. I spread love and light.

I spread love where it has been forgotten and I spread light where it is needed most. I am a conduit of love, a conductor of light.

31. Each instant is a clean, untarnished birth.

My past is what I have taught myself, and I can teach myself something new right now.

. . .

Tell me:

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Use these daily positive affirmations to embrace each new beginning this month brings. Use them to describe who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to see more of. Use one for the whole month, if it resonates with you right now.

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