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4 Things to Keep Doing When You’re Feeling Sad

4 Things to Keep Doing When You’re Feeling Sad

Feeling sad is part of of living a full life. Remember this: you’re more than your emotions, and your emotions will morph into messengers that grow to guide you in the direction you’re meant to go. There's nothing wrong with being sad, but these four things might help you feel better about it.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

Even the darkness becomes the birthplace of new growth. In other words, everything is contained in everything else. You can't have one thing without having everything that led to it, and will come from it.

To be fully human is to be deeply rooted in all that led you to this place, and eternally tied to everything that comes from this place.

When You’re Feeling Sad, Try This

1. Step into the sun.

Let the sun shine on you, literally and in every other way. Letting yourself be touched by the sun’s rays is a reminder that the light is never too far away.

Sometimes, letting yourself be in the sun is an act of courage, resilience, and faith. You’re staying open to the light’s presence even when you feel like staying in the dark, hidden away from the world.

The sun is a reminder that you're connected to and touched by everything.

Allow yourself to be okay with being broken; the light will trickle in to fill the open spaces.

2. Tell people you love them, and accept their love.

Hold on to each other. Lean on each other. Whether it’s one person, one hundred people, a stranger, or a pet, know there are others who care, who love you and will help you through this.

Accept the care, the love, and the help with an open heart. When someone's giving to you, they’re also receiving. When you open your heart to receive, you're letting generosity flow not just into you, but *through* you.

And if you have a tiny spark of light left in you, give it away to someone else. You won't lose anything. The fresh air you let in might just rekindle your own flame.

3. Let yourself feel it.

It’s okay to not feel okay. It’s okay to not want to smile when you’re feeling sad. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling.

You're alive and conscious, meaning you're vulnerable to the whole experience of being here. Embrace that vulnerability; it's strength and hope.

4. Be grateful for the path.

Let the darker times remind you to stay humble and grateful for living another day on earth. Stay humble, because of your humanness, and stay grateful for your divine heritage.

You can be grateful for the path you've chosen, even if you aren't grateful for the thing that caused you pain.

You might not be grateful for what’s happening in the container of this moment, but you can still be grateful for this breath. For the ever-evolving chance to start again. For the fact that the universe brought you here, to be in awe of iteself from your point of view.

What a gift, no matter what happens.

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these thoughts did you need to read today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know.

Step into the sun. Say, “I love you.” Feel this. Stay humble. Stay grateful.

With love,












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