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I Am Not Alone, A Poem about Unity

I Am Not Alone, A Poem about Unity

Love is everything, which means that I am not alone and you are not alone, because we're part of everything. And everything is part of us. Read this poem about unity if you're feeling lost... and need to feel your essential connection to everything. Especially the ones you love who feel too far away.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry

I Am Not Alone

There is no time,

None that goes forward and back.

There is only love–

No hate,

Only lack.

No reason or rhyme

For the eternal season

of timelessness.

It goes,

It goes.

It never ends,

Never slows,

Never stops or goes.

This is something

We don’t really know.


Where has the love gone?

Where has it led?

For there is a great fear

In what we think is dead.

This fear,

I fear,

Has been warped inside my head.

But this is something

I think I really know.

My love knows

What is dead,

Is not dead.

Where has that love led?

Let the word “lost”

Lose its grip

In my head.


Where are the others?

And who am I?

Where do I live?

Do I really live?

Is this something

I really know?


If I really try

To find my way,

My way in this sea of people,

My path in this maze,

This hazy shade of my Self,

I will see.

This shadow that seems to follow me

Everywhere go,

I try to know.

But it is nothing to fear–

Nothing compared to my soul.

I am the other,

And the other is me.

I am part of this shadow,

And it is part of me,

And so is it all.


And when time becomes lost,

There will be no height to attain,

No valley to descend,

No mountain to climb,

No river to fight,

No right to gain–

Just this.

Let this not

Be lost.

Let me travel far,

Climb high,

Fall fast,

Rise again,

And become the same.

No stopping,

No going.

Just One,

The Same.


And then there is you,


A shadow and a light.

You are over my head,

In my heart,

By my side.

Somehow separate,

Somehow never apart.

Somehow I feel your breath

With the beating

Of my own heart.

Somehow I hear your whispers

In my silent mind.

And then I realize:

You’ve been here the whole time.


I thought of you today,

And I thought of myself.

And I let my thoughts

Be lost.

And I let time


And never stop.

I released fear’s grip,

And I tripped over

My own heart.

That’s when I found you there,



Saying that there is no other:

We are not apart.


Love is near.

Love cannot be far.

It’s everywhere I go,

Everything I see,

Everything we are.

. . .

Tell me:

Which part of this poem did you need to read today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know.

With love,


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