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25 Brendon Burchard Quotes to Help You *Bring* the Joy

25 Brendon Burchard Quotes to Help You *Bring* the Joy

Stop waiting to live. Stop waiting for other people to make you feel better about your life. This is *your* life. If you could use some motivation today, read these Brendon Burchard quotes. The man's words will remind you how magnetic your energy is. And how much of a difference you can make, every single day.

A note: Brendon Burchard is one of the world's top trainers in personal development and what's called high performance. Whenever I need encouragement to just get going and do the thing, I listen to his podcast. So good.

25 Brendon Burchard Quotes to Help You Bring the Joy, Not Wait for the World to Give You What You Want

1. “First, it is an intention. Then a behavior. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it is simply who you are.” — Brendon Burchard

2. “Reset the day by activating some simple self talk. Close your eyes and say… Be patient. I’m okay. I have faith. I’m here to serve. Here we go.” — Brendon Burchard

3. “The only gifts that matter to others are the simple ones, the human ones, those of kindness, appreciation, friendship, and love. Let us remember they want our true presence more than presents.” — Brendon Burchard

4. “I'm gonna role model the energy I wish the world had.” - Brendon Burchard

5. “Take joy in sharing positive energy with others. It’s a rough road for all so give the sunlight.” — Brendon Burchard

6. “The simple fact that you care, that you want to do your best, that you strive to enjoy life and love, this makes you so much more than enough.” — Brendon Burchard

7. “When you are alive with joy, gratitude, and genuine interest in others, you are your most beautiful. Remember that. Now go stun the world.” — Brendon Burchard

8. “Walking the grounds of gratitude I stumbled upon the palace of happiness.” - Brendon Burchard

9. “The symptoms of small-mindedness are gossip, offense and drama. People on a path of purpose don’t have time for drama.” — Brendon Burchard

10. “If you are tired, sleep. If unclear, meditate. If sore, move. If angry, forgive. If unhappy, love. If bored, give. Common sense is not always common practice and so we suffer.” — Brendon Burchard

11. “Oh how the world today needs such simple reminders: Be kind. Treat all people with respect. Let go of hate and let others live their lives in peace.” — Brendon Burchard

12. “It’s not about what you have. It’s about what you’re generating.” - Brendon Burchard

13. “Enlightenment comes when you realize and own that happiness is a choice, sadness is a choice, anger is a choice, love is a choice.” — Brendon Burchard

14. “If something is coming to an end, and you’ve tried and given your all and now it’s just time, then allow it to end with grace and gratitude and an open mind for a new day. No anger. No bitterness. No need for justification or reward or validation. Just reverence for this time, for the whispers of renewal.” — Brendon Burchard

15. “Youth is eternal to those with a curious, loving, joyous spirit.” — Brendon Burchard

16. “Joy feels like a mashup of high enthusiasm and deep appreciation.” - Brendon Burchard

17. “I’ve never met a high performer who didn’t consistently ponder whether they were giving their best—and not just for themselves but for others.” — Brendon Burchard

18. “How would my highest self view this reality, acknowledge it, accept it as it’s needed, and then transform it and utilize it to generate the reality that I want?” — Brendon Burchard

19. “Happiness happens when you bring attention and appreciation to what you are doing now. It is not a distant place. It is discovered in plain sight, directly in front of you. We do not need to seek, we need to see.” — Brendon Burchard

20. “Humanity is seeing others and saying, ‘I wish you joy, love, health, and abundance.’ Not just those you like or agree with. Every. Single. Person.” — Brendon Burchard

21. “In all the chaos, never forget that you can choose to bring the joy!” - Brendon Burchard

22. “Let us awaken and feel alive with joy and appreciation for this gift of life.” — Brendon Burchard

23. “They keep looking for a magic pill to change their lives but the only things that work are to choose joy and practice love.” — Brendon Burchard

24. “There are those whose faces are so alight with life that they serve as a blinding reminder, amid the darkness of our time, that joy and charisma and hope still exist.” — Brendon Burchard

25. “And then one day I decided that hurry and stress were no longer going to be part of my life. Stress is self-created; I decided to stop manufacturing it. We can choose an internal calm and joy even amid the chaos.” — Brendon Burchard

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