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Morning Questions to Grow Self-Trust from the Seed of Authenticity

Morning Questions to Grow Self-Trust from the Seed of Authenticity

Instead of waiting for the requests and demands of others define how you live today, shape your own identity. Morning questions is a potent practice that'll only take you a few minutes, but with passion and consistency, it'll breed clarity. And a life you feel good about leading.

At the very least, I am grateful for the morning. Sometimes, the most.

You don’t need to “fake” anything until you’ve “made it.” You can start “making it” right here and now. You can practice making “you.” You can practice your own truth—that’s something that doesn’t need to wait for any accomplishment or external permission slip.

The morning is a great time for living in congruence with who you want to be. The more days you live in congruence with your deepest desires and a greater sense of freedom within, the more you'll feel a general sense of confidence in life.

To begin that journey, begin with the beginning of each day.

Asking yourself a few “morning questions” that resonate with how you want to live today (before anything outside of you tells you how to live) is a powerful way to prompt more helpful emotions for the rest of the day.

Mining for your core of truth—your priorities, matters of the heart, deep stability—naturally allows self-trust to spring forth, less encumbered by noise, opinions, distractions, and others’ energies.

Rather than faking it until you make it, wake up with clarity about who you want to be and then go into the world and live into those intentions for yourself. Oh, how powerful.

“Don’t wait for emotions to land on you. Choose and cultivate the feelings that you wish to consistently experience and share in life.” - Brendon Burchard

Asking yourself meaningful questions each morning can be a habitual act that you turn into a ritual, by carving out special time for (even a few minutes) and treating with respect and full awareness.

You can answer these questions as prompts in a journal or verbalize them. You can simply read through them and answer them in your head, but do it with sincerity and presence.

When you can better identify your priorities, you can better align your actions with them and confidence will naturally flow into everything that you do.

Choose one or a few to start with and build from there. Your questions can change day to day, but starting with the same set of questions solidifies the habit and trains the mind.

11 Morning Questions to Grow Self-Trust

1.  How can I help you today? (while looking at yourself in the mirror, or eyes closed with your hand on your heart; you are addressing yourself)

2. What is the primary feeling I want to bring to this day? What is the primary feeling I want to receive from this day?

3. The person I really want to be in life has these traits: … these strengths: … these habits: … these beliefs: …

When you reclaim your power before giving it away, you have a double reserve of self-trust.

4. 1-3 things I can do today to live into the greatest version of myself are: …

5. 1-3 things I don’t need to do today, because they would not contribute to the greatest version of myself, would be: …

6. What is the message I most want/need to share with the world?

7. Who needs my best today, and how can I give them my best in the most loving way possible?

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

8. What could happen today that might be stressful to me, and how can I approach and handle that situation with as much grace and love as possible?

9. Am I carrying anything from a day that is not today? (a beautiful follow-up activity might be a prayer for release, a meditation or deep breathing practice, or the simple expressed willingness to let go)

10. Where in my life am I existing but not truly living, and what’s one thing I can do/perspective I can try that will support greater aliveness in this area?

11. What and how can I teach through example (not lecture) today?

. . .

Tell me:

Which of these thoughts did you need to read today?

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I'd love to know!

Start each day with a conscious heart.

With love,


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