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A Reminder to Believe in Your Dreams (today, one of mine came true)

A Reminder to Believe in Your Dreams (today, one of mine came true)

If I could tell my twelve-year-old self anything, I’m sure that the words “believe in your dreams” would pour from my lips. Today I’m celebrating the dreams we’re all capable of living and the people we’re capable of growing into.

“And did you get what / you wanted from this life, even so? / I did. / And what did you want? / To call myself beloved, to feel myself / beloved on the earth.” — Raymond Carver, Late Fragment

Today, one of my childhood dreams came true and I can officially say that I am a published author!


Sleep Affirmations: 200 Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep is out!

Now you can walk into an actual bookstore to find my book, or order online here.

It Starts with a Dream… or a Crushing Disappointment.


And yet, without a shattered and lost heart, I might not have found the courage to build my life better than before.

We don’t always get to live the lives we had planned for ourselves. Something terrible or terribly wonderful happens and we’re left speechless, shattered by overwhelming life or death.

The good news is that we might leave some pieces behind that never fit us anyway, and we might find new pieces to pick up that make us feel whole and worthy like we never could before.

Believe in Your Dreams. You Have Them for a Reason.

Dad always said to keep smiling, so when he passed, I did my best. And I kept writing because I knew my “why.”

All of this is to say that I really think you should keep your dreams alive, because they’ve been planted in your heart for a reason. You might figure out the reason later on down the road, but if you do something every day to contribute to that sense of aliveness, you will figure it out.

And if you’ve been waiting for some magical, perfect day in the future to do something about the flame inside of you, please stop doing that and start doing something—anything.

Also, not everyone is going to believe in your dreams, but your job isn't to convince everyone around you that your mission is worthwhile (or that you’re worthwhile).

It’s your job to believe in your dreams (and yourself).

Know that, no matter what you’ve been through, your potential to heal, grow, and shine cannot be taken from you.

It’s actually probably because of the adversity we’ve faced, and will face, that we know what it’s like to rise up again and shine our light like we’ve never been able to before.

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P.S. Get my book Sleep Affirmations for light when you need it most. For rest after you've gone through hell. For peace, finally. You’ll feel… better.

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