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Sleep Affirmations: 200 Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep


If you just can't turn your brain OFF at night, here's one better. Sleep Affirmations helps you think better thoughts: the kind that help you fall asleep. Empathy, hope, validation, healing? It’s all here. Which is why this book makes such a great gift, even if the person you're gifting it to is you.

This is a signed copy of the book from my own personal collection!

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  1. Open it up to any page before bedtime (or whenever).
  2. Read one a night, or keep reading if you need more support.
  3. Breathe.
  4. Sleep like a dream.

Oracle, fortune cookie, love note — you decide.

Make it part of your meditation, or not. Turn it into a family ritual or keep it private and sacred. No matter how you read it, trust that the right words find you right when you need them.

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Kathryn H.
Sleep Affirmations: 200 phrases for a deep and peaceful sleep

Wonderful book, very calming. Customer service not only ensured speedy delivery but also refunded the difference in shipping costs due to their effort to find most efficient courier. 10 out of 10

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Sleep Affirmations

Love this book. It truly helps me relax my mind before I sleep.

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Love the signed copy

Now that I have a signed copy of your beautiful book I’ll re-gift my old copy to my sister. She’ll like that. Thank you Jen.

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Thank you

Your books are an island of tranquility on my bookshelf. Seeing them always brightens my day and reminds me to open one to a beautiful affirmation and read a beautiful phrase for some support, some clarity, and some joy … Thank you so much.

It is so beautiful inside and out!

I keep this book at my bedside and read one affirmation per night. I usually do a little meditation after I read the affirmation and the little passage that accompany's it. This little book just brings me so much comfort! I fall asleep with such a peaceful frame of mind. I feel wonderful just holding it because it's so beautiful. Also, it's a wonderful book to gift!

Soothing For Your Soul

I love this sleep affirmations book in every way. It is beautiful to look at, beautiful to hold, and its inner beauty is just what I need to soothe my soul. It is a blessing to read at the end of a stressful day, and is also a great gift in the middle of the day when I need a few moments to balance and center. It is uplifting, validating and rooted in wisdom. Thank you for the spiritual tool that will last a lifetime

This book was wonderful

I loved the layout of this book. It was easy to read and the instructions at the beginning were easy to follow. I also loved the addition of illustrations and colour that accompanied every affirmation. It made this book an insightful and eye-catching reading experience. I have read quite a few books with affirmations or spiritual guidance over the last few years and this is by far my favourite. I loved the way this book made me feel.

a deep breath of fresh air

This book is such a deep breath of fresh air, honestly. 200 beautiful phrases written with the power to vanquish all the troubles of today, and provide all the hope of conquering the battles of tomorrow. Reading this feels like that moment when finally, after a heavy storm, the clouds break and the suddenly all the world is still... And it couldn't have been written more beautifuly. Thank you for this ray of sunlight; this precious gem x

This book is a marvelous gift item, not just for someone else, but for your inner self

While I had already incorporated meditation and yoga into my daily (and evening) routines, this little book found its place on my nightstand and in my heart… this book is good medicine for disconnecting with technology or pointless distractions, and reconnecting with oneself-- not only for bedtime, but I've found for ANY time… I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of this book.

Thoughtfully Written and Beautifully Presented

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this little treasure to review. Falling asleep (and staying asleep) can be difficult when you suffer from anxiety, but it can also be difficult simply because you live in this chaotic world of ours. Thoughtfully written and beautifully presented, this is a wonderful way to drift off to dreamland. My many years of yoga and meditation have led me to practice affirmations in many situations, but to have them laid out for you specifically for sleep is absolutely brilliant!